A journey not just for the ages, but one that you could go on too.
Policy built by people, for the people
And it's finally about some technology
"The governance renaissance is better than what we had back in my day" - Leonardo Da Vinci, probably
An Opportunity to Play "Public Goods Games" in a Deliberate and Measurable Fashion
"Startups don't repeat themselves, but they do rhyme"- Mark Twain
"Because it's the governance we deserve, but not the one we need right now." - Commissioner Governance
"Complex problems don’t necessarily require complex solutions." - Confucius’s Mother
tl;dr: ~100% increase in community contributions, this solution goes hard in the paint
Oh - we're just getting starting.
tl;dr: Mo Money (in politics), Mo Problems (in politics)
If you don’t start with the problem, you’ll never know what you’re fixing.