About Govrnance

Govrnance is the publication for the Govrn Community. Here we write about new governance mechanisms, ideas in democracy and politics, ways to empower communities, and even feature community members. Ultimately we write about what the community wants to hear.

What you can expect?

Besides fire content?

The first thing you can expect is our Open Source White Paper Initiative. We believe in writing our White Paper with our community, making it collaborative from day one. Substack is what we will be using to send out email updates, announcements, and ways to be involved in the process. Check out our recent announcement to learn more about the process.

Join the Community, Join the Govrn Movement

By joining this community, we join the Govrn Movement. We are on a mission to make politics easy, transparent, and accountable so we can empower anyone for their voice to be heard. We enable anyone to be their own politician, their own PAC, their own political party.

This means empowering you and your community.

This movement only gets more powerful with each new person that joins. Want to ensure we have real and lasting change? Share Govrnance so we become so big, it’s impossible to not hear us.

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